The technological advancement as well as new innovations happening in the electronic industry has made it a booming sector in today’s date.
With size of just 0.7 per cent of global industry, this industry sector has created high demand in the Indian market and is growing at a rapid pace, thus indicating much scope in electronic industry.
Why Choose Us:
Staff having strong domain knowledge that allows them to better guide and support client companies towards achieving desired goals.
Our team of experienced electrical industry consultants well understands requirements as well as challenges that electrical professionals are looking for and ensure the placement is done as per the potential of the candidate.
We have enviable reputation for both quality as well as reliability that assures client companies of best of results.
Some of the recruitment we have handled in this sector cover establishments like:
• Consumer electronics manufacturing organization
• IT Industries
• Mobile Communication
• Power Electronics
• Telecommunication Industry
• Health Care Equipment Manufacturing Industry
• Internet Technologies
• Other Industries like Steel, Petroleum and other process based industries
The staff recruited includes:
• Industrial Designers
• Electronic Technicians
• Computer Specialist
• Assemblers