The FMCG industry in India The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest in the Indian economy and has a market size of $13.1 billion and represents nearly 2.5% of the country’s GDP. This industry includes the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods such as food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, plastic goods, paper and stationery and household products etc. Recruitment consultants reveal that the segment is growing at a rapid pace with well-established channels of distribution. This has given rise to cut-throat competition between the family owned small-time distributors and the organized FMCG sector.

Recruitment firms have predicted that a huge potential market for the FMCG industry exists in the middle class and the rural segments of the Indian population as this is a market waiting to be converted to branded products. Market surveys followed by recruitment agencies show that as of now rural India accounts for more than 700 mn consumers or 50% of the total population. Market analysts and recruitment companies expect FMCG companies to continue seeing growth from shoppers buying branded goods for the first time by creating an ecosystem of sales, discounts and promotions. Hiring robust in FMCG industry in India.

Cerentral Consultants is an experienced recruitment agency. FMCG is once again proving to be a recession-proof sector. Rising consumer incomes and upswing in consumer incomes underpin the strength of this trend.
Leading FMCG companies have continued to invest in hiring in the range of 3 per cent to 4 per cent with an eye on the robust growth forecast. The demand for fresh manpower in the FMCG industry is expected to be high mainly in sales and marketing.
Since the number of outlets and formats in the FMCG has diversified significantly in the last couple of years, it is natural that all the players in the industry are competing for a share in the same talent pool.

Food & Beverage-

The food and beverage industry continues to grow and expand with new consumers, new products and increased selling prices. While enjoying year-over-year growth and success, the food and beverage industry remains one of the pillars of the India economy and job market. However, this giant, dynamic industry is also undergoing many changes and challenges. Challenges that we, food recruiters, know and understand.
From global expansion of food and beverage giants to the use of trans fats and GMOs in food processing, and from improving packaging for convenience and cost to distribution and global logistics, the food and beverage industry is being rapidly altered by many forces, including evolving markets, shifting trends and new technologies. With this significant growth and change, food industry recruiters can help you retain the industry’s top talent necessary to thrive and succeed.
You need the right talent to lead your organization to success. You need professionals who can navigate changing regulations and stay ahead of industry trends to help your organization remain on top and a consultative partner who can find and retain these individuals for you.
Cerentral Consultants food and beverage recruiters are customer-focused and committed to helping our clients improve their bottom lines. Our dynamic team understands the nuances of the changing market and remains abreast of industry trends, focused on their ability to make strategic, long-term placements. We engage our diverse network, sophisticated technology and a thorough recruiting process to find the candidates others cannot, making us the leader in food and beverage recruiting. With decades of proven success, our search and placement experts have the knowledge, experience and insight to assist you in finding ideal talent across the food and beverage industry.
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