Cerentral Consultants is a specialist automotive recruitment company with a strong global presence.

We partner with automotive groups across the globe. We’re proud to consider some of the automotive industry’s most prestigious brands as our long-term clients.
We have a very simple viewpoint on what it takes to be successful. We place great value in the building of enduring relationships and we constantly strive to improve our approach. These core beliefs have helped us to consistently direct the most qualified and skilled people in the automotive industry into our clients’ businesses and to maintain a position as a preferred supplier for many of the largest Automobile Companies in the world.
Ask our clients why they work with Cerentral Consultants and they will tell you how we go out of our way to be thorough. We work as hard for our clients as we would for our best friends. We work closely to ensure that only the highest caliber candidates are put forward for jobs. Whether it’s a luxury, commercial or volume brand, we know that our clients need to trust us. We earn that trust by understanding their business and by holding ourselves to the same high standards of the premium brands that we work with. That’s why our clients stay.